The history of gambling

Today we are starting a new chapter on love casino bonus. Why? Because we wanted to add some extra’s on our site to inform our customers, so we decided to start blogging. We like to inform you that we will start with one article a month. Gambling is fun, but there is also a theory to dive in to.

Today we start with some history. Some of you might think, ‘ ew boringgggg’ while other are willing to get to know the story behind, because we think it is very interesting.

Let’s start with 40.000 before Christ (yeah, long time ago) when there is a first evidence that people were gambling with sheep bones. In the time of the Romans were lotteries taking place in the Roman empire. In 1763 was the first Casino opened in Spa and 100 years later Monaco opened its first casino.

Since 1994 online gambling is orginated. A team of software developers made it possible to play online, but it was not as good as it is nowadays. Throughout the years people updated and improved the software to make it as fast and real possible as in a real casino. Success was reversed in 1999 when the United States intervened. They prohibited companies from offering their services online.

Australia went for a different approach and came up with a new law in 2000. This law started that unlicensed casinos were prohibited from offering their services online to anyone in Australia.

France has also opted to allow internet gambling, but at the same time to impose a pretty high tax on profits.

France also chose to regulate internet gambling and tax on winnings. The French government wisely decided that they would rather hand out permits to those who respect the public and social order, than banning 25,000 websites.

Online gambling

In the 21st century the online gambling world has developed further and has currently around 8 million users worldwide.

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