There are many different types of bonuses to be found in the world of online casinos. So much so that some really look alike. We try to distinguish the most common online casino bonuses for you. Each player will have his or her preference for a bonus. There will even be players who don’t want any bonus at all. In the world of sports bonuses, there are not many bonuses. There the odds of matches are much more important than a certain bonus. But they are there in the end. E-sports is one of the fastest growing areas on the internet. As a result, there are more and more online casinos that add this part to their site. The e-sports offers can often be found under the sports offers. Below is an explanation of what you can expect when you bet on esports matches or events.


100% up to € 100,- and 35 free spins



Up to € 1.000,- bonus



100% up to 1Btc



100% up to € 300,- + 200 free spins



150% bonus up to $3.000,-

1x Bet


up to € 1.500,- and 150 free spins



up to € 1.500,- and 150 free spins

Neo Bet


100% up to € 150,-



€ 5,- no deposit bonus


E-sports, no one had heard of it until a few years ago. An e-athlete is a (professional) player of computer games. And as you know there are a lot of them now. In recent years, this branch of sport has expanded enormously. Some well-known games played by e-athletes are World of Warcraft, Dota 2, Clash of Clans and of course Fifa. You can see that you can play the games individually, but also in a team. In addition to the offer in online casino, you will now also find more and more platforms that have purely e-sports offers, for example

As far as the bonuses of the e-sports offers are concerned, you can best compare them with the offers of sports betting. But if you have nothing to do with this part of the online casino world, don’t start with it. It is still a very specific market, but it has grown considerably in recent years.