There are many different types of bonuses to be found in the world of online casinos. So much so that some really look alike. We try to distinguish the most common online casino bonuses for you. Each player will have his or her preference for a bonus. There will even be players who don’t want any bonus at all. On this page you can read everything about the reload bonus. This casino bonus is often given as an interim bonus. It can earn you a lot of play credit based on how much you deposit. This bonus is therefore often offered to regular and fanatic visitors to a certain online casino.

Below you can read much more about a reload bonus



50 free spins on sign up

Bet it All


100% up to € 200,- + 50 free spins



Up to € 1.000,- bonus



100% up to € 200,- + 200 free spins



100% up to € 1.000,-



100% up to € 200,-


The reload bonus is a special bonus that is increasingly common in online casinos. The relaod bonus is a bonus that you receive on a new (‘reload’) deposit. Because you deposit again, the conditions are often much better than with a first deposit. For example, you may be offered a much higher percentage bonus with this new deposit. It is also seen as a form of loyalty bonus at many online casinos. If you stay longer and more often at the same casino, they will reward you for it.

To be eligible for a reload bonus, it is sometimes necessary to deposit a certain amount in a specific period. The advantage of a reload bonus is that the amount of the bonus is often much whore than, for example, the welcome bonus. This is very interesting for experienced and avid players. Not all online casinos offer this form of bonus, so filter carefully. It is also important to read these conditions carefully before accepting this bonus.