There are many different types of bonuses to be found in the world of online casinos. So much so that some really look alike. We try to distinguish the most common online casino bonuses for you. Each player will have his or her preference for a bonus. There will even be players who don’t want any bonus at all. On this page you can read all about the cashback bonus that has been heard more often by now. As the name suggests, with a cashback bonus you get money back. This can be done in various forms. The most common are the cashback in a certain amount or a percentage of your loss.

Below you can read much more about a cashback bonus.

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You see the cashback bonus more and more in online casinos. Why? To bind you as a customer to the online casino. They would like you to come back to continue playing. The cashback bonus is also called the ‘losers’ bonus among online casino visitors because you only receive this bonus when you lose. A cashback bonus can be interesting if you have lost a large amount and get a part of it back. However, it again depends on the conditions. Therefore, always carefully read the conditions that come with this bonus.

The most commonly used cashback bonuses are a certain percentage of the loss or a fixed amount. With the percentage, for example, you may receive this bonus on a certain day, over a certain period (for example a week) or a percentage based on your bet. For example, online casinos are very creative in coming up with a cashback bonus in this case. The other variant is to receive a fixed amount. That may be a bit clearer, but not often more attractive. Pay close attention to that!

Furthermore, it is often the case that you have to bet the cashback bonus again or play a certain number of times before you can make a profit with it. Therefore, read the conditions carefully again.