What kind of players are there in online casinos?

Many people have been playing in an online casino in recent years. People from all over the world. It is easy and accessible. It is possible from home and on the road. The online casino world has grown very fast. That is why many countries are now drafting rules to control the online casino world. Some countries raise the tax, some countries make strict rules for online casinos to protect players.

But who is actually gambling?

That is actually impossible to say. Almost everyone over the age of 18 may gamble in an online casino. In America you must be 21 to play in an online casino.

You have many types of gambler. You have the bonus hunters. These are players who have an account at many online casinos and often use the free games.

You have the players who like to bet a lot, the high rollers. They consistently deploy high amounts with every bet. You have the occasional players. These are players who enjoy playing occasionally in an online casino. These players play because they like it and play with small amounts.

You also have players who come specifically for a certain game. At the moment, Starburst is still very popular among many players. Many online casinos have a welcome offer with Starburst. The one with free plays without depositing, the other free plays after depositing.

There is a lot of choice. This way there is a nice online casino for everyone. Have fun playing. But watch out. Play for fun!

Is it fun to play in an online casino?

We all know a city or a village where they have a casino. Perhaps you have been there. Maybe you have already won something. It may also be that you did not like it.

For some time there have been casinos that offer their games on the internet. The convenience is that you can play anywhere. Whether it is on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, that does not matter. If the device is connected to the internet, you can play.

But is it fun to play online? We think so. And it is also becoming more and more fun. This has to do with the tension and the rapid development in the world of an online casino. It will go faster, there will be better graphics and the range of games is getting bigger and bigger. Enough choice. This also applies to the offer in casinos. One casino will appeal to you and the other. You make that choice yourself!

Nowadays you have the possibility to choose from more than hundreds of online casinos. What is the main reason to find the right online casino. But what does a good online casino have to meet and what makes a casino reliable?

1. A good SSL system
A good online casino uses SSL Encryption to ensure personal and financial data of consumers. This ensures that transactions are executed encrypted and your data never ends up with third parties. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) can be recognized by the ‘https: //’ in the browser that appears before the domain of the casino website. In addition, you also see a key as an icon and indicate which company the website is completely protected from.

2. The right casino licenses
Once an online casino has a license, it must comply with the rules and requirements of the casino licensing authority. It is necessary that online casinos are in possession of such a license. It is the only option to have a guarantee of a reliable gaming environment and a fair offer of casino games. Well-known gambling authorities currently granting licenses are MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) Swedish Gaming Authority and Curaçao eGaming.

3. Reliable casino software
Just as you have the choice of a host of online casinos, there are also enough software suppliers to choose from. It is very important that a good online casino meets reliable software for casino games. RNG, a piece of software that generates random numbers, provides independent and random results per hand or spin. When no RNG is present, the online casino itself can influence all outcomes on games (to the detriment of the player).

4. Trusted bank options
One of the most important requirements that a good online casino must meet are the existing banking options. You get to deal with this every time you plan to make a deposit or withdrawal. This should all be done safely via the most trusted options. Fortunately, the most reputable online casinos have a wide range of banking options available and you can choose which money you want to deposit into your account. Think of VISA, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe, Trustly.

5. Support for mobile devices
Today almost every person over 18 has a mobile device (smartphone). A good online casino supports mobile devices and tablets. This gives players the opportunity to test their favorite casino games in practice mode from anywhere, or with a ‘real money’ player account.

From the browser from the websites themselves you can gamble via your mobile and you do not have to perform any installations. The HTML5 technology ensures that the software is compatible with almost all mobile devices. There are even software vendors that have fully focused on offering mobile casino games. One of the most prominent is NetEnt with their innovative product ‘NetEnt Touch.

6. Fast and helpful customer service
During a visit to an online casino you first have to check a number of things. For example, look at what kind of casino bonus is offered or what is in terms and conditions. A fast and helpful customer service is of great importance – and a requirement for a good online casino. Good customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also send an e-mail or contact us via telephone. And if you still have questions? Search for the ‘FAQ’ page with frequently asked questions.

7. Casino bonuses that are worthwhile
Every online casino offers a casino bonus to try to attract visitors. By claiming casino bonuses that are worthwhile, it may be that the cost to a player is reduced to carry out his hobby. There are even players who focus exclusively on the bonus in order to have a better chance of winning in the long term. However, you should pay close attention to the bonus conditions and related requirements. Although most casino bonuses are favorable to accept, it is not worthwhile to claim a bonus in some circumstances.

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How does an online casino meet its game offer?

You undoubtedly wonder what a game offer this casino has? Which game am I going to play and how does the game work. If you play a lot in online casinos, you often see the same game offer. The online casinos often try to imitate a physical casinos. And that works very well! But what game are I going to play? That depends on what you like. Do you like slot machines, poker, black jack, baccarat, bingo or live roulette? It is just a selection from the offer that an online casino can offer.

But how do they get all these games?

As you may have noticed, online Casio’s use different software vendors. These suppliers devise and make the games that the online casinos can use again. Well-known software suppliers are for example: Netent, Microgaming, Elk, Quickspin, Evolution and Eyecon.

The challenge for these software suppliers is of course who can make the most popular game. A popular game from 2018 was Starburst from the supplier Netent. Another popular game is Fluffy Favorites from Eyecon. This game was popular in the UK. Games with familiar characters are also always popular. Think of a TED, Guns’ n Roses, Falconry, Planet of the apes and Tomb Raider.

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Payout online casino games

Most people involved in the world of online casino gaming are always looking for the best online casino for best payout percentages. This makes sense, given the goals of most of the people involved in online casino gaming. Some of these casinos will have other drawbacks, of course. However, people will have to set priorities with all of the different online casino gaming websites that they try. There are certainly plenty of online casino gaming websites that specifically excel in the area of payout percentages.

Choosing an online casino is a serious business and, with the vast volume of payout statistics floating around the web, there’s no excuse for not doing your homework. One of the most reliable statistics available is the average percentage payout. Monitored monthly by independent experts like ECOGRA and often published via links in the footer of casino webpages, these reflect the percentage of player wagers returned as winnings during the period.

The occasional big winner is another sure sign of a high paying casino. However, it’s worth remembering that big wins, though an excellent sign in jackpot slots, also skew the percentage payout figures; because one player’s jackpot is another player’s afternoon of frustration.

Return To Player. The RTP can be found with a little online research. A good RTP for a slot game will be 95% or higher. Choosing an online slot game with a percentage range of 95-98% will ensure that wins will come over time. It increases your chances to earn a payday, especially compared to lower percentage games such as those that are listed at 90% RTP or less.

One of the smartest strategies you can use when logging on to an online casino is to review the return to player percentage (RTP) for slot games, and the house edge for table games. The goal is to learn the return to player (RTP) and the house edge to make a good decision with gameplay.

If you have decided to try a new game, be sure to practice first. Most online casinos offer free-play with their games. This way, you can see just how the game operates before risking any real money. This can be beneficial to players who are learning a new game that has several betting options like Craps or Blackjack. After you practice and feel more comfortable playing the game, give the real money version a try!


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London Affiliate Conference (LAC) 2019:

Last week we were again present at the London Affiliate Conference in the Excell. This annual fair is kept the same with the ICE London fair.
Once again this year, the casinos were once again being unpacked. The large and well-known online casinos were all present again. But also a number of new online casinos were present.

We had made various arrangements with the various affiliate managers of the casinos. Once again it was nice and fun appointments. We have been able to make beautiful arrangements for the coming period, which you, as a loyal visitor to our site, will benefit from. We have also gained new contacts and discovered new online casinos. So keep visiting our site regularly. You will then find the best and new offers from the online casinos.

What stood out during LAC was the wide range of sports offers. We also have many of these on our site ( Here you always find a good offer.

Next year we will be present again at the London Affiliate Conference and you will keep you informed of our visit. But in the meantime, we will of course continue to renew the offers. So keep following us! This can also be done via the channels on Twitter ( or instagram (

London Affiliate conference 2019

Why do we so much like to gamble? ‘Putting money into your body starts’

Online gambling. Many do it, but hardly anyone is allowed to. Pokering for example, or betting on sports competitions.

“If you bet money, you have a chance to win something, but also to lose something, which gives you some excitement, you get an adrenalin shot as it were. After the dedication there is already activity in the reward circuit of your brain, even if you have not won anything yet: people who gamble more often ultimately react less to profit or loss, and the rewarding effect is more in the period between commitment and outcome. “

How do you prevent you from going down with gambling?

“Set limits before you gamble, both in terms of frequency and money, and keep an eye on your gambling behavior by asking yourself the following questions: What makes you want to gamble? Do you really enjoy it? know that you are sensitive to addiction, it is a safer option to look for challenges in other activities, such as an exciting sport. “

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