The game of esports — skill, chance and everything inbetween.

Like in sports, there are a very large number of games and competitions that are played as part of esports. The game like sports, they vary in the types and degrees of physical effort, motor skills, cognitive abilities, coordination, and chance.

To the uninitiated, many games in esports may look similar. Even if you’ve dabbled playing esports games, just like their traditional sports counterparts, playing at a competitive level brings in nuance that is not otherwise encountered, and even more so at the professional level.

As esports continues to intersect with the gambling industry, it will be helpful to not just understand what esports is as a whole, but how its various games and genres differ, and how those differences can affect their interface with gambling products.

At the moment, esports is very rapidly growing part in the online casino world. It is often linked to sports betting or V sports. So it is getting more and more extensive. We are curious what effect this has on the legislation in the various countries. This development often goes too fast for the legislator. Watch out for this as a player! Play in an online casino that is familiar and has experience with sports betting.

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Understanding Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos offer bonuses for players, which come in all shapes and sizes depending on your status as a new or returning player. Knowing precisely how to get ahold of a casino bonus, and what to look out for in the terms and conditions, can help you make the most of the hugely varied selection available online.

How many online casinos are there anyway?

How many online casinos are there anyway? We ask ourselves this question regularly. More and more visitors to online casinos are aware that playing in a reliable online casino is better.