How should you file a declaration? And how to pay gambling tax?

Gambling tax form

The good news is that there are special forms for filling your tax return. The bad news is that just like evasion of “normal taxes” gambling tax evasion is also a criminal offense. But that goes without saying, right? So just do it.

Read further on exemptions below to see if you might (not) need to file a tax return.

At the end of this article we provide a link to the declaration form, which you can download, fill in and send. We can vividly imagine that someone who wins € 40 on a late Thursday evening does not feel like the hassle. That is your own responsibility. Again, in some cases you are entitled to an exemption. We will come back to that now.

Are there any exemptions?

“Yes! In a few cases you do not have to pay gambling tax. ”

This is for example if the amount of money you won is less than € 449. The exemption for an amount up to € 449 applies from 2015. In 2014 this was € 454.
You also do not have to file a declaration if the stake you have made per game of chance is more than the prize you won, or if this stake is just as high as the amount won. Incidentally, any costs you have incurred to participate in the game of chance in question are not included in the investment. So no receipt from taxi to the casino or trying to deduct your internet costs.
Finally, there is an exemption from tax if you have already paid a comparable tax abroad for winnings from foreign games of chance.

Here is the link for Dutch people to fill in the form.