How many online casinos are there anyway?

We ask ourselves this question regularly. During the entire Corona pandemic in 2020 we saw a lot of new online casinos pass by. But as in many markets, the online casinos come and disappear again. One even faster than the other. We mainly see a rise of online casinos licensed from Curaçao. That in itself makes sense, because this permit is the fastest to obtain. A permit in another country, for example Malta, England or Sweden, is more difficult to obtain and takes much longer. Whether this makes the casinos more reliable is a different story, but very important for the visitors. A visitor wants to play in a reliable online casino. That starts with a reliable owner and a reliable site.

Of course, there are many parties that want to take advantage of the huge turnovers in the world of online casinos. Of course, there are also less reliable parties. If you saw that the total turnover of online casinos in 2020 was 50.6 billion, then you can see why. Therefore, it is difficult to say how many online casinos are active. We have read numbers that are between 5,000 – 7,500. The largest turnover and number of casinos is located in Europe. There you have online casinos with good and reliable licenses, but of course also people with higher incomes than in, for example, South America.

Reliable online casinos

More and more visitors to online casinos are aware that playing in a reliable online casino is better. The reliable casinos, in addition to a reliable license, also have good customer service and a nice game offer. You can see that these casinos have the original games from the game providers. There are also many fake games in circulation. That is of course very annoying for the visitors who have a hard time seeing, but also for the game providers. Companies like Netent, Microgaming and Pragmatic Play are investing millions to develop new games.

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