Two-thirds of all internet users have Google Chrome as their default web browser. Many reasons why there are so many people. We have listed some smart extensions for you!

We’ve listed 9 gaming tools to make online gaming even better (especially when more people are at home now).

1.Panic button

To be honest, you don’t want everybody to see you are playing. There is nothing wrong with it, but you just want to keep control. Whatever your reason is to click to another screen when who ever is entering the room doesn’t matter, but there is a faster way. The Panicbutton is your lifesaver. It is a free tool and it hides your tabs within one simple button. 

2. New Tab Page

With this extension you have a canvas to personalize every time you open a new tab. Arrange it your way, add shortcuts and use widgets. This gives you acces to all you favorite games at one glance.

Tips Online gamen

3. Awesome screenshot

Did you have a huge win and wanted to share it, or maybe make a memory to stare at? You can make a screenshot with the screenshot extension. Next time you have the perfect spin you can make a shot with only one click.

4. Categorizer

We all have our habits and way of doing the things we do. If you are a multiple player it might be worth it to look at this extension. It sorts your most visited sites, based on your usability. Tip: this also works when you don’t want to forget certain bonuses on different sites.

5. Email this page

Found a cool game to play with your friends? This tool makes it easy to email from your preferred account.

Email extension Chrome

6. Free password manager

Do you remember all the passwords, usernames and different sites you have? Probably not.. Many gamers are having many accounts and you don’t want to use the same password for every account. This extension let you collect all your usernames and passwords, so the only password you have to remember is the one from the extension

7. In the pocket

Ever found an article, but didn’t have the time to read? You thought you would remember it, but unfortunately your brain forgot the url. Pocket is the place to drop your articles, so you can read them later. You can also sinc it with your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop and there you go..

8. On time

Do you ever set a time when you are gambling? No? I could save you time, because before you know it you are spending hours and hours without knowing what time it is. Cool clock gives you reminders when it is time to play and when you have to quit. Never late on that meeting anymore!

Set your time while gaming

9. Form recovery

Also tired of filling in the forms to make an account? We have the solution for you right here. Now you can fill in the form within just a second. It saves you time to play an extra game!

Hopefully those tips are useful and will improve your gambling skills! Take care and stay safe everyone. 

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