You will find many games at an online casino. Many casinos also have a varied selection of games. From slots to poker and from blackjack to live games. Below you will find the game explanation of the various games.


Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games along with Blackjack. In every casino, both online and offline, you will find this classic casino game. How about Live Roulette? Enjoy the atmosphere of the classic roulette game with a real croupier from your own easy chair.

What is Roulette? Roulette is a game where a ball, the bullet, is turned into a wheel, the roulette wheel, with 37 or 38 squares with numbers and colors on it. Players bet chips on a number or set of numbers, on a color or other values on the roulette table, which they hope the ball will stand out. The bets that match the box in which the ball ends up win a multiple of their bet.

Types of Roulette Besides the standard ‘European Roulette’ you can also play French or American Roulette, for example. The rules for French Roulette are similar to those for European Roulette. The same wheel is turned. It contains 37 digits, including one 0. Only the different playing fields for betting change and look different. The rules are exactly the same. The difference between French / European Roulette and American Roulette is bigger. The winnings and payouts are the same, but because American Roulette works with a 0 and a 00, the profit for the house is much greater with American Roulette. The intention of this game remains the same: guessing what number the ball will fall.


Video slots have always been very popular with players of an online casino. Video slots games consist of various roles with symbols on them. There are always at least three roles available. Many games now use four or five roles. If the correct symbols appear on the reels in the correct order after your spin, you win your bet back in multiple. How much you can win depends on the amount of your bet and the video slot you play. Video slots nowadays work with a so-called Random Number Generator. This makes the outcome as random as possible. Many of the latest video slot games are beautifully designed and have a detailed theme with accompanying music and animations.

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