Tips to play on slot machines​

Tips to play on slot machines

We have collected some tips to play on slot machines which you could use when playing. No, we are not gonna say you will win everything when you read this, but it will help you.

1. Decide which profit you want to end up with

  1. Give yourself an amount and make sure that you also comply with the agreement that you make with yourself. By making the profit you should check yourself if it’s realistic and achievable, otherwise it is counterproductive.
2. Don’t play with the auto play feature

We know; it sounds very attractive to pay for 250 of 500 plays and go do something else while you are playing, but you lose focus. Maybe you had the jackpot at 225 now you’ve lost it because you weren’t paying enough attention. You don’t want to take that risk, right?

3. Avoid progressive slot machines

Games like Mega Moolah and Divine Fortune provoke players with jackpots up to millions. It sounds very interesting and easy, but you have to watch out for your money. A big part (like 8%) is used to pay the jackpot. This is a lot and there is a little left to distribute among the players. The chance of winning the jackpot is nil and the chance of losing a lot of money is almost 100%.

4. Try to play on slot machines with a medium variation

Slot machines with a low variation are a threat to your balance. A low variation means a bigger chance to win something, but those prices are usually low and less than your bet. It seems like a fun game to play, but what happens is that you slowly spending your money without actually winning anything. You can compare it to go 3 steps forward and 4 steps back. With the medium slot machines you don’t win as much as the low ones, but when you win it is something worth it.

5. Play on slot machines with high pay-out percentages

Compare two banks with each other. One with an interest of 1% and the other with 5%. Which one would you choose? Exactly, that’s what we thought, because a 4% difference is huge. However, most players don’t seem to look at the pay-out percentages of a slot machine.

6. Say no to the welcome bonus

It sounds very interesting; a nice budget on your account when you start playing, but it’s not what is seems like. If you want to win some you’d better refuse them. Nothing in this world is for free and certainly not money. The rule is mostly that you first have to win the budget a few times around before you get access to your money and when you win some you lose some. So you better start with nothing and end with a good price.

7. Don’t use the fast spin

We see this more and more nowadays, the possibly to spin faster. This option makes you lose the focus which makes it hard to think down to earth. People get frustrated and handle from emotion instead of mind. Use your own spin speed and don’t let bad feelings ruin your game.

8. Know when to quit

Our first tip was to set a goal. A goal could also be a time. If you still have some money, but it seems like an endless game you should also set a goal for the money you spend. Make sure you have a maximum budget to spend and our tip is to take the money in cash and don’t take your card.  Maybe it won’t be a little harder to get a drink or snack, but you have to take that for granted.

9. We prefer online slot machines instead of physical ones

Fact is that online slot machines pay 5% to 19% more than other ones, and no this is not a promotion.

10. Hit and run

A smart strategy to use when you play online. It is a way of playing and there is no better or worse scenario. The principle is you win and go on to the next game, because you spread your chances. Besides the hit and run strategy it is smart to spread your chances on different machines and not put all your eggs on one basket. There is no guarantee what will be better, but a least it makes the playing more fun.

The history of gambling

The history of gambling

Today we are starting a new chapter on love casino bonus. Why? Because we wanted to add some extra’s on our site to inform our customers, so we decided to start blogging. We like to inform you that we will start with one article a month. Gambling is fun, but there is also a theory to dive in to. 

Today we start with some history. Some of you might think, ‘ ew boringgggg’ while other are willing to get to know the story behind, because we think it is very interesting. 

Let’s start with 40.000 before Christ (yeah, long time ago) when there is a first evidence that people were gambling with sheep bones. In the time of the Romans were lotteries taking place in the Roman empire. In 1763 was the first Casino opened in Spa and 100 years later Monaco opened its first casino. 

Since 1994 online gambling is orginated. A team of software developers made it possible to play online, but it was not as good as it is nowadays. Throughout the years people updated and improved the software to make it as fast and real possible as in a real casino. Success was reversed in 1999 when the United States intervened. They prohibited companies from offering their services online.

Australia went for a different approach and came up with a new law in 2000. This law started that unlicensed casinos were prohibited from offering their services online to anyone in Australia.

France has also opted to allow internet gambling, but at the same time to impose a pretty high tax on profits.

France also chose to regulate internet gambling and tax on winnings. The French government wisely decided that they would rather hand out permits to those who respect the public and social order, than banning 25,000 websites.

Online gambling

In the 21st century the online gambling world has developed further and has currently around 8 million users worldwide.


History of gambling
History of gambling

What is a casino bonus?

Online casino bonus free spins roulette

Understanding Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos offer bonuses for players, which come in all shapes and sizes depending on your status as a new or returning player. Knowing precisely how to get ahold of a casino bonus, and what to look out for in the terms and conditions, can help you make the most of the hugely varied selection available online.

When considering what casino bonus to go with, there are a wealth of bonus structures to assess. Whether you are a returning player to your favourite casino or a new player looking for the best welcome bonus, all the top online casinoshave you covered. The following describes the most popular bonus structures players come across.

What are New Player Welcome Bonuses?

If you’re new to the world of online casinos or are simply looking for a new casino to play with, it’s extremely likely you’ve seen the word “Welcome Bonus” splattered all over the web. It seems every single online casino on the market offers what they call a Welcome Bonus to their new players.

These Welcome Bonuses are used to entice potential players to join the online casino, typically including a generous matched deposit bonus and even free spins some times. The structure for these bonuses is almost always a first deposit bonus scheme but some casinos offer unique welcome bonuses that include no deposit bonuses or tokens to be used within another product like poker or bingo.

What are First Deposit Bonuses?

Most new players are greeted with a First Deposit Bonus, a matched deposit bonus on your initial deposit to the casino, that either adds an amount equal to what you’ve paid into your account, or gives you back a percentage of your deposit. A 100% first deposit bonus, for example, means that if you transfer £/€ 20 into your account, the casino will match it 100%, adding in another £/€ 20 for you to play with.

Percentages vary and the amount of money you can deposit can be limited, so look out for good deals. One site might offer a 100% first deposit bonus up to £100, while other casinos tier their deposit matching schemes: some sites may offer a 100% matched deposit up to £50, or 50% up to £100, both of which would give you an extra £50.

Do Returning Players Get Bonuses?

Yes, returning players do get to enjoy bonuses from online casinos. Most returning player bonuses are matched deposits much like first deposit bonuses, but are sometimes smaller or accompanied by additional requirements. For example, you may need to wager a set sum on an upcoming event during a specific period of time to receive your bonus.

Casinos want to reward loyal customers as well as welcome new faces. By signing up for schemes like an online casino’s newsletter, you’ll be informed of special matched deposit bonuses. These may also be announced in the promotion section of websites or on banners at the top or bottom of the screen, so keep your eyes peeled next time you head back to your favourite casino.

What are Non-Matched Deposit Bonuses?

Non-matched deposit bonuses offer a fixed reward, rather than a percentage of your deposit. It could be a simple cash reward, or it could be given in free spins, in which case the wager must usually be a specific amount. Odds may also be restricted for such bets; for example bonus sums might have to be wagered on a certain game or type of game.

In most instances, these deposit bonuses will only pay out your winnings, and not include the initial stake. So if you wagered a £25 bonus on your favourite slot title, the payout will just be the £25 win, and not include the original £25 stake.

What are Free Spins?

Some casinos offer free spins on a specific slot game. These can reward deposit bonuses for first time players, but may also reward players who reach a set spend during a month or week. With free spin bonuses, it’s important to check not just how much you must deposit to get the free spins, but also the stake on each spin, as you’ll win a lot more if you’re playing £5 spins rather than £0.30 spins. Bear in mind that winnings from the free spins are commonly capped.

What are No Deposit Bonuses?

The holy grail of online casino bonuses, these are rare incentives that tend to be seasonal or limited rewards. A no deposit bonus is exactly that: a payment into your account without any deposit on your part. You may, however, be required to input a special offer code, or to have met gambling requirements in advance. For example, you may have to bet £5 per week over a set period to be eligible.

Do Terms and Conditions Matter for Casino Bonuses?

Yes, the terms and conditions heavily impact the actual value of a bonus. It’s a good idea to examine some of the fine print before committing to one particular bonus scheme. The main clauses to be aware of are: wagering requirements, time limits, weighted games and bonus limits.

When it comes to wagering requirements, you may have to spend a certain amount in the casino before being able to withdraw a bonus. Players are required to meet a certain wagering requirement prior to receiving any bonus so be sure to ensure you know how quickly the bonus can be used. These wagering requirements also may have to be met in a fixed period. If the requirement isn’t met within the time, the bonus will be revoked.

In some cases, bets might not count toward wagering requirements in full. For example, a £5 bonus used to bet on a slot may count as £5, but on a low house edge game like baccarat, it may count as just £1. Be sure to consider the weight of each game towards the bonus. To prevent abuse, bonuses may be limited to one per household or one per device. If you attempt to break these limits, you will have your bonus rescinded and possibly your account closed, even if it was an honest mistake.